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$UP is the first Tezos token that is designed to increase in value over time.
Instead of paying miners or bakers. $UP pays you for holding the coin.
If less people upsorb, the average APY for all other upsorbers automatically increases.
BTC pays miners its inflation to secure the network. The upsorber pays its 3% inflation per year to holders to secure the price.
Bellcurve meme
Capped yearly inflation of 3%. Deflationary if you upsorb longer and more as the average upsorber. 0% inflation for upsorbers.
Bakers and miners sell down the price. $UP only pays holders. No negative externalities. Just a superior store of value.
The smart contract, token supply, inflation and other parameters can't be changed.
$UP values time. The longer you stake, the more you get. Get the most when you stake the greatest amount the longest.
Your active upsorbtions
ID Amount ($UP) Duration (Days) $UP accumulated Estimated total $UP Current APY Time Left (Days)
1649930736 5,756 630 34,2% 1200 450
1645160912 3,445,693 1867 45,1% 10 1890
1245130912 1234 100 12,1% 24 678
1205130010 12,400 5 4% 450 23
It's a superior store of value. It allows holders to upsorb (stake) value. In contrast to Tezos staking, the amount of staking rewards that are paid out is correlated to a function of time that grows super-linearly with the stake length.
Where can I buy $UP?
$UP can be bought on Tezos most popolar DEX aggregator: 3route. We recommend buying $UP there because it gets you the best rate (since liquidty is spread among a few Tezos DEXes) Charts can be e.g. found on Coingecko. See the video below for more instructions on how to buy $UP.
Where can I see more stats about $UP's game-theory?
There is a lot to learn! Feel free to check out our Insights tool.
Why should I upsorb/stake my $UP?
Upsorbers earn additional yield on their $UP. Depending on the stake length and amount from 0.5% up to 1,000%.
Can I unstake early?
No, once staked/upsorbed you can't unstake anymore until the duration you agreed on is over - e.g. 60 days.
What's the doubling?
The doubling is analogous to Bitcoins halvening. Every 2 years the minimum stake length doubles. At year 1-2 the minimum stake length will be 30 days, at year 2-4 60 days, etc. After 12 years the min. stake length is > the max stake length. Nobody can upsorb anymore and the $UP inflation will stop. If you are interested in more insights/stats there is also a insights page.
How much does $UP inflate every year?
$UP only inflates around 3% per year. Its deflationary for stakers who upsorb more and longer than the average.
How are the high yields possible?
As stated above, $UP only inflated around 3% per year. The protocol only pays rewards to upsorbers/stakers. If e.g. only 10% of the total supply is staked than the average APY is around 30%.
What is a reward function that grows super-linearly?
The longer you commit to a stake, the more $UP rewards you get. Longer pays better, even if you have less $UP to stake.
From where will demand for $UP come from?
We think that $UP is an important part of the Tezos DeFi ecosystem. Being a superiour store of value benefits the whole ecosystem. If you believe that Tezos and its ecosystem will grow, $UP will definitely grow with it.
Is $UP open-source?
Yes the whole protocol is open-source. The contract is written in mligo. Source code can be found here: GitHub
I already see a $UP token in my wallet , but I cant seem to use it?
There was a v1 launch in April 2022. This is now v2. Unfortunately there was a bug in the v1 contract. Everyone who particpated in the v1 version got reimbursed (let us know if we missed your wallet).
Whats the purpose of $UP?
As stated in the quote above, the main purpose of $UP is to become an alternative store of value in the Tezos ecosystem. The game-theory (math) behind $UP incentivies using the token to store value and to delay gratification.
What happens if you upsorb/stake your $UP?
The $UP will be locked in the contract and a reward, depending on stake amount and time will be calculated. After your upsorb time e.g. 60 days is over you can unstake/emit and claim your stake + reward.
Upsorber is easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to get involved. Simply install a Tezos wallet and fund your wallet with some Tez (XTZ). We recommend Temple Wallet. The video below guides you through funding your wallet step by step.
$UP can be bought on Tezos most popular DEX aggregator: 3route. After purchasing $UP you can connect your wallet to this site, upsorb your $UP and see your current stakes.